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Corrugated steel culvert pipe
2015-07-14 14:33:05

Corrugated steel pipe ,culvert  Pipe ,arch culvert , road culvert, rail pipe. The product has a short construction period, light weight, easy installation, durability, and low-cost, anti-deformation capability, and low cost, after the opening of the conservation of many advantages, in particular, used in cold permafrost areas of soft soil roadbed fill zone and deep land zone, has obvious economic benefits.

We had exported the culvert to Sudan, Ethopia , Angola, Kenyan, Tanzania, Malaysia, Mangolia, India, Papua New Guinea , Austrian, Peru, Chile and Bolivia etc.

 Technical Specs:

1.Material of steel plate: Q235 steel plate

2.Thickness of steel plate:1.5mm-8mm

3.Shape:  Round, Half, Arch,Oval ect.

4 Assembly:Annular flanged/Nestable 

5 Depth of fill: 1.5-60m

6.Pipe Diameter: 300mm-9000mm

7.Corrugation: 68*13,125*25,150*50,200*55, 380*140,300*110 ,400*150

8.Antiseptic treatment: hot dip galvanized zinc ≥610g/m2.

9.Service life more than 70 years.

10:.Standard: JTT 791-2010 ,or AASHTO M36.

11.Application: storm water pipe,Traditional Culverts ,Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions,Arch Bridges,Grade Separations,Wildlife Crossings,Pedestrian Underpasses,Stockpile Tunnels,Utilidors Conveyors Enclosures and many other applications