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Corrugated steel culvert pipe

the corrugated steel culvert for United Nation project

Corrugated steel pipe are assmebled by half round corrugated steel plate by bolts and nut. Annular Riveted corrugated steel pipe is manufactured using 68mmx 13mm ,125mm x 25mm and 150mm*50m corrugations in wall thicknesses from 1.5mm to 4mm

corrugated steel culvert pipe  are made of carbon steel. Steel pipes with circumferential corrugation have high load bearing capacity. Culverts built with this kind of pipe segments are called corrugated steel culverts. To prevent corrosion, corrugated metal culvert pipes are usually made of galvanized carbon steel usually with a zinc coating range from 275g/m2 to 1200g/m2, which is still changeable and subject to customers’ requirements. 


 Technical Specs:
1.Material of steel plate: Q235 steel plate

2.Thickness of steel plate:1.5mm-8mm

3.Shape:  Round, Half, Arch,Oval ect.

4 Assembly:Annular flanged/Nestable 

5 Depth of fill: 1.5-60m

6.Pipe Diameter: 300mm-9000mm

7.Corrugation: 68*13,100*20,150*50,200*55, 380*140,300*110 ,400*150

8.Antiseptic treatment: hot dip galvanized zinc ≥610g/m2.

9.Service life more than 70 years.

10:.Standard: JTT 791-2010 ,or AASHTO M36.

11.Application: storm water pipe,Traditional Culverts ,Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions,Arch Bridges,Grade Separations,Wildlife Crossings,Pedestrian Underpasses,Stockpile Tunnels,Utilidors Conveyors Enclosures and many other applications

Our raw material of the corrugated steel culvert pipe

Our semi-finished corrugated steel culvert

The corrugated steel culvert pipe in stock


The corrugated steel culvert pipe in the container for shipping


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