Corrugated metal pipe price list

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Corrugated metal pipe price list
The price of corrugated metal pipe has been a concern of many contractors and project managers recently. Despite rising prices due to various factors, corrugated metal pipe remains a popular choice for infrastructure projects due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. It is most needed for procurement managers to get the latest Metal Bellows Price List.

Corrugated metal pipe is a popular choice for drainage systems due to its durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness. However, the price of these pipes can vary based on a number of factors. In this article, we will discuss the metal bellows price list and the factors that affect the cost.


Factors that usually affect the price of metal bellows

1. Material: Corrugated metal pipes can be made of different materials such as steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. The price of the pipe depends on the materials used. Steel pipe is the most affordable, while aluminum pipe is the most expensive.

2. Diameter and length: The diameter and length of the pipe also affect its price. Larger diameter pipes are more expensive than smaller pipes. Longer pipes are also more expensive than shorter pipes.

3. Thickness: The thickness of the pipe is another factor that affects its price. Thicker tubing is more expensive than thinner tubing.

4. Coating: Corrugated metal pipes can be coated with different materials to prevent corrosion. Coated pipes are more expensive than uncoated pipes.

Metal bellows price list

Below is a general metal bellows price list based on average cost per linear foot:

1. Steel pipe: $0.50 - $2.50 per foot

2. Aluminum pipe: $1.50 - $5.00 per foot

3. Galvanized steel pipe: $1.50 - $4.00 per foot

4. Polymer coated pipe: $2.00 - $6.00 per foot

It's important to note that these prices are estimates only and may vary by supplier, location, and other factors.


Recently, the price of metal bellows has been rising, and the main influencing factors are as follows:

One of the main factors is the increased demand for these pipelines. As more infrastructure projects are developed, the demand for metal bellows increases, leading to an increase in prices.

Another factor contributing to price increases is the cost of raw materials. Corrugated metal pipe is made of steel and its price fluctuates according to global market conditions. In recent years, the cost of steel has risen steadily, driving up the price of metal bellows

In addition, production costs have increased due to factors such as labor costs, transportation costs, and energy costs. These factors have contributed to the rise in the price of metal bellows.

In conclusion, corrugated metal pipe is a cost-effective solution for drainage systems. The price of these pipes depends on a variety of factors including material, diameter and length, thickness and coating. We are a professional manufacturer of metal bellows. If you have purchase needs in the near future, you can contact our sales staff to send you the latest price list of metal bellows for reference.

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