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How to install the corrugated steel culvert pipe, corrugated culvert pipe

How to install the corrugated steel culvert pipe


We are Qingdao Regions Trading Co. Ltd, a professional supplier and manufacturer of corrugated steel culvert pipe and structure plate. The video will tell you how to install the corrugated steel culvert pipe, If you need more details, Pls email roger@regionstrading.com


Installation on site

1 The culvert could be directly laid in the groove by assembling one sheet by one sheet, and also could be laid after being installed. For the culvert with big size and great single sheet weight, We suggest you install the corrugated culvert pipe in the groove.

2 The installation of semi-circle corrugated steel culvert pipe should follow the principle of lower part former and upper part later. And then install sheet by sheet to required culvert length. The overlapping on circumferential direction could be staggered or set on the same line.

3 When install the corrugated steel culvert pipe composed of half round part, axial overlapping parts of all sections should be forward to the direction of water flow. 

4,You can reference to the video in youtube.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEJTgKxiqK8&feature=youtu.be

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