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Tunnel liner plate

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Tunnel Liner Plate provides optimum stability and protection when constructing
new tunnels, relining structures under highways and railroads, and vertical shafts. It offers the highest
continuous ring stiffness and high compression joint strength.
2-Flange Tunnel Liner Plate has effective stiffness that is more
than twice that of the same gage (thickness) of 4-Flange Liner

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Tunnel Liner Plate is one of the most versatile segmental corrugated steel plate 
systems on the market today. Designed specifically for lining soft ground 
tunnels and relining existing conduits under highways and railroads, its 
applications extend to caissons, vertical shafts, mine entries and much more. 
Since complex tunnel lining equipment is not required, installation is quick and 
easy with minimal disruption to road users and the surrounding environment

• Structural resistance: It allows this solution to support big loads for its use in bridges and underpasses. It is also flexible and elastic which makes it high resistant to earthquakes.

• Economic: It is highly competitive, regardless of the required diameter, shape or type of load.

• Durable: Steel is a high strength material, which can be complemented with a Magnelis * finish and coatings such as galvanized and epoxy. • Being made up by bolt-on plates, it can be transported to remote areas that are difficult to reach.

• Easy assembly: The installation of the structure does not require specialized personnel or equipment.

• Ecological and reusable: The structures can be easily disassembed and transported in case of relocation were needed. Meanwhile, steel is 100% recyclable making it an environmentally friendly solution


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